About MaxGrow Biotech (P) Ltd.
MaxGrow Biotech - A private limited company is registered with the registrar of companies, Government of India, under Companies Act 1956.

MaxGrow Biotech - was launched in March 2003, in India.

MaxGrow Biotech - has entered in business of agro-base products for promoting organic farming.

MaxGrow Biotech - has tested its products on various crops and on diffrent types of Indian soils throughout the country, with remarkable results.

MaxGrow Biotech - is commited to the welfare of farming community. it is being managed by a team of technocrates gaving varied experience in the field of agriculture. Its endeavour is to bring revolution in Indian farming i.e. by making it chemical free.

MaxGrow Biotech - is carrying out extension activites in the field of agriculture by reaching close to the farmers along with quality and experienced technocrats' giving to provide technical knowlegde in agriculture.

MaxGrow Biotech's objective is to obtain qualitative and quantitative yield by the user of its agri-inputs.

MaxGrow Biotech - has introduced organic products which are not injurious to the health of farmers, animals and friendly insects.

Our Mission

To provide unique organic products and services for better living through an ongoing financial opputunity within our growing "MaxGrow family". We are working together for the greening of our earth. Our main mission is "Save The Earth, Save Life". We have introduced special organic products for farming.

Our Vision

To be the most highly acclaiming successful "MaxGrow Family" in the world. Building ipon our founding philosophy of offering international quality organic products and services for the betterment of mankind.

Message from the Managing Director

Dear Friends,

It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you as an associate of MAXGROW family.
I must thank and congratulate you for choosing us as your business partner.

We have started with Great Motto "SAVE THE EARTH, SAVE LIFE". To achieve this goal we have launched totally Biodegradable Organic Agricultural Products. This will go in a long way in making the agriculture chemical free.

Now we have introduced Herbal Products after vigorous research treated with best standardized herbal extracts, especially for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases and for a healthier life style. These herbal products have no side effect and are so much effective that they cure the disease without harming the body. These products are derived from the Great ancient science than any other science of the world called Ayurveda.

We are growing and making MAXGROW a great success. With the grace of Almighty our products have been accepted by the masses in rural as well as in urban areas.

The people have confirmed faith in us as leaders of MLM concept. Let us move together to take an oath to make the MAXGROW FAMILY -THE PRIDE OF NATION.

End Note:
If you think you are right, just be passionate about it and if you lack passion, then develop it because success never comes till you are passionate about it.

With Best Wishes

Rupinder Singh